Bernice Fischer the Author

Bernice is the proudly South African author of the Internationally Awards nominated Jeff MaDISoN fantasy book series, published in three languages, available as ebook, audiobook and softcover book at online book stores, audible, and book shops worldwide.

Born in Middleburg Mpumalanga, Bernice grew up reading all sorts of books and believes that the best stories happen in books as they so rarely happen in real life, for they allow you to enter a world of fantasy and imagination needed to survive the reality of today.


Jeff MaDISoN and the Nytezard of Gridmoor - Book 4

With the warrior Madgwick captured by the evil dreamons, and Jeff himself in danger of being turned into a dreamon forever, the young dream catcher is facing the highest stakes of his life. As Jeff heads for Drakmere to try to save Madgwick, the vile dreamon that Jeff has been infected with grows ever stronger within, urging him to kill, to join the dark side. In the meantime, Madgwick, mortally weakened after having released his dust for safekeeping, meets Trezz, a dreamon who turns out to be not quite a dreamon … While Angie – determined, delightful, frightfully powerful and everyone’s favourite witch – again joins forces with warrior Rig and Calidus, the dangerously forgetful fire dragon, Madgwick is trapped and tortured by the despicable dreamon leader Uzas. Will Uzas, in his blood lust and desire for Madgwick’s magical dust, go too far? And will Jeff’s friends be able to save him from the fate of permanently turning into a dreamon, and thus, a powerful ally to the awful Uzas?

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Jeff MaDISoN und die Schimmer von Drakmere

Jeff MaDISoN
Shimmers of Drakmere

What if there existed a dark kingdom forged on a web of evil spells, with a conniving king plotting to infiltrate the dreams of children all over the world ...

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Jeff MaDISoN
Curse of Drakwood Forest

Jeff Madison--dream catcher, loyal friend and fearless teenager--must save his best friend Rhed from a devastating spell which was cast on him ...

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Jeff MaDISoN
Rise of the Dreamons

His dream-catching abilities have saved him more than once, but have things gone too far this time? When dream catcher Jeff Madison is attacked ...